Chapter 11. JBoss in production

Table of Contents

Hardware / OS / JVM

Author: Sebastien Alborini <>


JBoss is now considered to be production ready. This section will give a few guidelines for putting JBoss in production use. I will first review the Hardware / OS / JVM compatibility question, and then give a few tips for tweaking your JBoss configuration for production use.

JBoss is a completely modular application server, and thus it can be thoroughly configured. For ease of use reasons however, the default configuration is more intended for developpers than for administrators. This document will outline some of the options that you might reasonably want to change before putting JBoss in production. This includes settings for increased performance, enhanced security, and ease of administration.

If you have other production tips and tricks, please share them with the JBoss community by posting them on the jboss-user mailing list.