Running Tomcat in jBoss 2.0


Running Tomcat inside the same VM as jBoss provides a couple of benefits :


By default, when you start jBoss, it automatically tries to launch Tomcat as well. To disable this feature, suppress the lines
<MLET CODE = "org.jboss.tomcat.TomcatService" ARCHIVE="jboss.jar" CODEBASE="../lib/ext/">

at the end of the file jboss.conf .

In order for jBoss to find Tomcat's classes, you need to set a couple of environment variables :

Note that all these requirements are those of Tomcat. If you fail in any of these, you won't be able to start Tomcat in jBoss VM.

Future enhancements

Integrate Tomcat more tightly to jBoss. Fix the invocation speed problem. Provide an EAR deployer. Unify the security model... What else ?