JAWS Options

Here are the options you can set in JAWS. Default values are provided in the standardjaws.xml file:

Each of these options can be set either generally (it will affect JAWS for your whole application) or on a per bean basis, or both of these. JAWS will always read the defaults in standardjaws.xml first, then override them with the defaults in jaws.xml if provided, and finally override them with bean-specific configuration if provided.

General settings: to set an option generally, you have to declare it in a <default-entity> tag in jaws.xml. Here is the section as in standardjaws.xml, you may want to override all or part of it:


Settings for a bean: to set an option for a particular bean, do it in the corresponding <entity> section. For example, if you want JAWS to drop the table for your ClassBean only, your xml file will contain:


Note that the <ejb-name> tag must match the one declared in ejb-jar.xml.